Music Player X

Best Music Player for iOS

The Best Music Player on iOS

Music Player X is designed for Your iOS Music Library.

Packed with Features and Audio Enhancements that make your music come alive.

Experience the Best Equalizer Enhancements

The 5 Band EQ mode specially crafted by our seasoned Audio Engineers to make your music come alive.

Experience EQX - The Ultra-wide Audio Experience.

XBASS - The Bass Booster gives the added thump to your music.

Feel your Music.

Crossfade Mixer & Song Timer

Combine up to 20 seconds Crossfade Mixing with the Song Timer.

Feel like you have your own personal DJ in your device.

The Unique song timer is perfect for your workouts or road trips, commutes & anywhere you enjoy your music.

Better than the default

Real Shuffle

The shuffle algorithm of Music Player X ensures you never have the same song showing up more than once.

Custom Themes

Pick the color theme that suits you.

Intuitive Library Browser

All your music available with just a few taps. Music Player X is designed for large music libraries and is constantly optimized and improved.